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3 tips to get the maximum benefints of roof insulation

Undoubtedly, roof insulations are a particularly effective way of energy upgrading a building. If implemented correctly they offer energy savings of 50% to 60%, which means a significant reduction in the basic operating costs that concern every household these days. After all, the roof insulation is a protective veil of our building that contributes decisively to maintaining a constant temperature both during the winter months and during the summer season.

At Monodomiki, we have many years of experience in roof insulation and specialize in providing high-quality, long-lasting services. We have prepared a practical guide with useful tips to help you get the most out of a roof insulation.


#1 -Pay attention to the method


Before proceeding with the application of an insulation on the roof of your property, make sure that you have made the right choice. There are different methods of roof insulation, while each property presents its own particularities and individual characteristics that need to be handled accordingly. Therefore, if you happened to hear somewhere about an extremely efficient insulation method, it does not automatically mean that it will be equally efficient in your case.

This is the reason why at Monodomiki, with consistency, seriousness and professionalism, we first carry out a study and assessment of each building, proposing the corresponding insulation method that is always presented as ideal.


#2- Pay attention to the materials


Something that many property owners also neglect is the selection of the most suitable insulating materials at each time. In the effort to save money, there are not a few who resort to more economical solutions, which however may not be the right ones. The higher the quality of the insulating materials you choose, the more you increase the efficiency of the insulation, while enjoying its benefits for a longer period of time.


Insulating materials of dubious quality will certainly not deliver the expected result, while it is possible that they may even further burden the condition of your property. At Monodomiki we attach great importance to the selection of genuine and 100% reliable insulating materials, with a high durability index and equally high performance. After all, roof insulation is an investment with immediate payback, as from the first day of its application you will see the difference in the temperature of your home.




#3 - Combine with other actions


Roof insulation is certainly enough to upgrade your building's energy efficiency and indeed to a significant extent. However, it is a good start and a first-class opportunity to make other interventions, which will equally contribute to the energy upgrade of your property. Do not forget that works such as thermal insulation, waterproofing and the general renovation of a property significantly upgrade the living conditions we enjoy inside our building and offer us a better quality of life.


At Monodomiki we undertake to prepare the study of your property and recommend the ideal roof insulation that will give you solutions to chronic problems such as moisture and mold and will allow you to significantly reduce your expenses for heating in winter and cooling in during the summer months.

Are you ready for the next step?

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