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External thermal insulation: what to avoid at all costs!

External thermal insulation is a very demanding job and requires proper training on the part of the professional who will undertake to carry it out, as well as the use of certified and reliable raw materials.

External thermal insulation is a very demanding job and requires proper training on the part of the professional who will undertake to carry it out, as well as the use of certified and reliable raw materials.

More and more property owners are realizing the multiple benefits that external thermal insulation offers to their building and are turning to it, looking for more information and of course a way to apply it. Therefore, there are certain factors of particular importance that every property owner must take into serious consideration before undertaking any action. After all, it is thermal insulation that will help us to keep a house warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing energy consumption and enjoying a suitable living environment for us and our family. 

At Monodomiki we specialize in providing complete and highly reliable external thermal insulation solutions for all types of buildings, and we have also prepared a practical guide with everything you should avoid at all costs if you want to be 100% sure that you have made the right choice. 

#1 - unsuitable raw material 

The first thing to avoid at all costs in an external thermal insulation is the use of unreliable and unsuitable thermal insulation materials. Mathematically speaking, if you choose raw materials that are not characterized by high durability and do not carry the proper international certifications, you will be led to a disastrous result for your building. This is exactly the reason why at Monodomiki we always put the issue of the quality of thermal insulation materials as a priority. In this way we ensure the best possible result, offering an external thermal insulation that acts as a protection net for your building, and contributes to its energy upgrade. 

#2 - wrong method 

Another issue that you should strongly consider before taking any action is that of the method you choose for the external thermal insulation of your building. An incomplete or even completely incorrect method will definitely not be effective, and there is always the lurking risk of even causing damage to your building. At Monodomiki we provide you with polystyrene thermal insulation and plaster thermal insulation and before we make the final choice, a thorough study and on-site survey of the building in question is carried out. This allows for an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of each situation and the final choice is based on a series of scientific criteria. In this way you are always 100% sure that the right choice of the appropriate method has been made each time.  

#3 - Frivolous solutions 

Something you should also avoid is... frivolous solutions. Avoid any experimentation and of course always prefer experienced professionals with many years of experience in the insulation industry, so you can be sure that your building is in the right hands and that the external thermal insulation will deliver the expected results. Make sure that the money you spend is accompanied by the corresponding quality of service and that it is an investment with an immediate payback. 

At Monodomiki we have a highly qualified staff that will study the needs of your building and recommend the most efficient and advantageous method of external thermal insulation using certified and high-quality raw materials.

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