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It is about a protective "net" that reduces the rate at which heat leaves the building during the winter and correspondingly reduces the rate at which heat enters the building in the summer.

Maintaining the ideal temperature inside the house, winter and summer, is a "headache" for most property owners who have to put their hands deep in their pockets to heat or cool their building respectively. Employing heat sources such as radiators or electrical appliances to heat a property has become particularly uneconomical these days. Accordingly, the rapid increase in energy costs makes the use of an air conditioner or other similar devices that offer a cool home equally expensive.

Consequently, consumers are now looking for other solutions, with thermal insulation naturally high on their preferences. After all, it is a protection "net" that reduces the rate at which heat leaves the building during the winter and correspondingly reduces the rate at which heat enters the building in the summer. At Monodomiki we offer complete thermal insulation solutions, undertaking the energy upgrade of your building, no matter how old it is.

What does thermal insulation offer?

Thermal insulation enables us to enjoy a stable temperature and the desired thermal comfort in winter and summer. Accordingly, we save money as the costs for heating and cooling respectively are significantly reduced. Apart from the others, however, thermal insulation shields our building against all weather conditions and extreme weather changes. In this way we add to our ‘’quiver’’ a strong ally against mold, moisture, fungi or black spots on the walls.

By choosing a thermal insulation method from those available at Monodomiki, you are able to achieve a reduction in energy and fuel consumption of up to 65%, compared to before, while at the same time you will enjoy a better quality of living inside the house, completely eliminating all kinds of problems that caused by humidity.

Where and when it is applied

Thermal insulation can be applied to the roof of the detached house or apartment building in which we live, as well as to the walls of our property both externally and internally. Our highly qualified and experienced staff undertakes the study of your building and suggests the appropriate method that is required each time, with the aim of course to enjoy the best result.

In general, thermal insulation can be applied throughout the year as long as there is no rain and the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius. This practically means that you can plan the thermal insulation work in time and prepare correctly and appropriately.

What to pay attention

The two main things you should pay attention to are the thermal insulation materials you choose and the professional who will undertake the project. Regarding the first part, the wisest thing is to prefer reliable and quality materials, which are characterized by high durability and are suitable for the needs of your building. Accordingly, you should prefer professionals with proven experience and proper training, such as Monodomiki, who will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Thermal insulation can help you to upgrade your building energetically, making an immediate return on the money you will spend, as you will enjoy a constant temperature in winter and summer and you will reduce to a minimum the expenses for covering the heating or cooling respectively of your building.


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