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How to choose the right professional for waterproofing

Waterproofing is not a simple process, nor should we of course treat it lightly. On the contrary, it is a versatile tool that we have at our fingertips and if we use it properly, we will be rid of moisture and mound once and for all and will be able to enjoy a safe living environment within our building. Waterproofing comes after all to provide a solution to one of the biggest threats that properties - whether they are old structures or even newly built ones - have to face, which is none other than moisture. It is therefore particularly important to choose the right professional who will be entrusted with the task of designing the building in question and implementing the appropriate waterproofing method. 

At Monodomiki, we offer complete waterproofing solutions, always prioritizing the satisfaction of the needs of each property owner who entrusts us. However, we have also prepared a practical guide to help you make the right - and wise - choice of the professional who will undertake the waterproofing project. 

#1 – Pay attention to experience 

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing the professional who will undertake the task of upgrading your building and implementing the right waterproofing method is undoubtedly the experience they have. Prefer professionals with proven experience and years of presence within the industry. In this way you will be sure that you are in safe hands, you are not at risk of experimentation and at the same time the waterproofing method that the professional you choose will apply is tested and the most suitable for you. At Monodomiki, thanks to our many years of experience in waterproofing, and the insulation materials sector in general, we are always able to propose the most advantageous and efficient solution for each property, applying modern methods and following all international standards. 

#2 - Do not neglect training 

Waterproofing is indeed a whole science, and requires a professional approach. This is why you should choose a professional with training, who is able to understand how each waterproofing material works, can thoroughly study a property, identify any problems and of course take precautions to avoid accidents or other unpleasant complications. 

#3 - See previous projects 

The right professionals speak in deeds, not words. This is a saying that also applies in the case of choosing a professional to whom you will entrust the waterproofing of your building. Consider previous projects he has worked on and seek opinions of other clients who have chosen the same company in the past. At Monodomiki we know how important this stage is and that is why we have included a special section on our website with customer reviews, where you can see reviews from other property owners who have entrusted us with the waterproofing of their buildings. 

Our well-trained and experienced staff is always at your disposal in order to study your property in depth and with due care and professionalism and to propose the appropriate waterproofing solution to get rid of moisture and all the unpleasant effects it causes once and for all.

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