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In recent years there has been a shift in the preference of private individuals for the waterproofing of their roofs to coated materials and especially to polyurethane-based coatings such as Hyperdesmo, Mariseal 250, Isoflex PU etc.

This as a fact has a basis that is none other than the effectiveness of polyurethane waterproofing materials. Effectiveness which, however, in order to be maintained over time, is not only the application of the material in question.


The main factor in the ageing of waterproofing materials is their exposure to solar radiation, a factor which has a multiplier effect on polyurethane-based materials.

In the case of laying a polyurethane coating without a protective coating, the following phenomena are observed:

  • Immediately, within a month, the color change begins where from bright white it changes to pale yellow - beige (photo).
  • Due to the color change, the reflection coefficient of solar radiation decreases.
  • After the first year, the phenomenon of chalking, the phenomenon in which a fine chalk-like powder is formed on the surface begins to be observed. At first and to a small extent it is considered a normal factor in the ageing of paint, but in an extended form it also affects the deterioration of the material itself.


Therefore, in order to avoid the above-mentioned deterioration, it is recommended to apply a layer of polyurethane protective paint. With an increase in application costs of 20%-25%, the following beneficial effects can be achieved:

  • Longer lifetime of the waterproofing because solar radiation does not affect it at all.
  • Absolute protection against natural chalking as with all polyurethane-based materials.

The waterproofing membrane does not yellow over time because the protective paint provides excellent resistance If a white protective paint colour is selected, it remains so (white) with high solar reflectance.

  • Creation of a passable surface (domestic pedestrian traffic).
  • Increased mechanical strength (chairs and tables).

Our company's proposal: Mariseal 250 with Mariseal 400 protective layer or Hyperdesmo lv with Hyperdesmo A500 protective layer with the above advantages.


The main reason for choosing polyurethane sealants, as mentioned above, is the very good sealing they offer. These materials, due to their composition and solvent admixture, have a higher durability than water-based materials such as acrylic sealants.

The technological evolution of the above is the hybrid-based materials. Materials that either contain polyurethane and acrylic resins in their mass, or contain more specialized additives such as aluminum, silicon and Nano molecular liquids, without any polyurethane. The main advantage of the above is that although they are water-based materials, they give a similar effect to polyurethanes and even without the need for additional protective paint.

Monoflex Nano Hybrid with the following impressive advantages:

  • No chalking and no sticking.
  • Reflection of more than 85% of solar radiation.
  • Lowest cost.
  • Reduction of light absorption of up to 85% of solar radiation.
  • Solvent-free material, safe for flora and fauna.

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