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No matter how new a building is, it is very likely to have problems with damp and mould. Whether due to a lack of waterproofing or due to poor mishandling, the problem can be visible and pronounced even in a relatively new structure. Of course, moisture is undoubtedly a major nuisance for the majority of old buildings, which don’t have the necessary shielding and protection. That has the effect of leaving them literally at the mercy of moisture and mould. Ceilings and walls that drip after every rain is a "headache" for many property owners, which however waterproofing can relieve immediately and effectively.

At Monodomiki we specialize in providing high quality waterproofing services and we offer a comprehensive package that includes the study of the building, the proposal of the appropriate method and the completion of any necessary action, ensuring the best result every time. Among other things, we offer various waterproofing systems such as tar paper, coated, PVC-TPO membrane and transparent waterproofing.

Integrated shielding

Whichever waterproofing method you choose, what you will practically enjoy is the shielding of your building against moisture which in the autumn and winter season becomes noticeably more intense. Waterproofing acts as an outer cloak that embraces your building, preventing water from entering or accumulating. In fact, it is an extremely effective method of shielding against chronic moisture that may plague your property as well. The waterproofing materials used by Monodomiki are distinguished by their high quality and durability, and this provides you with the confidence you need as to whether you have chosen the right method of protection. Besides, the more reliable the waterproofing materials you use, the more resistant to stagnant water they will be, preventing 100% of water from entering the interior of your building.

A result that lasts

Waterproofing should be treated as an investment. It is, after all, a series of interventions that aim to improve the appearance of our building, by preventing moisture damage to walls and building materials, while providing a healthy living environment. It is enough to consider how many health problems chronic (or even transient) moisture can cause to the human body and the costs one would have to incur in order to follow a medication to treat a possible condition. Instead, by investing in reliable and comprehensive waterproofing, you say goodbye to moisture once and for all, and enjoy a clean home and a fully safe living environment. What you should however keep in mind is to opt for waterproofing services offered by a company that is characterized by experience and technical expertise, and avoid any experimentation that can only cause you additional financial burden.

In Monodomiki our experienced and well-trained staff can undertake with seriousness, responsibility and reliability the study of your property and propose the appropriate waterproofing method each time, with which you will face the moisture at 100%.

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