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When is the ideal period to insulate your roof?

This is a series of interventions that aim to shield the roof of our building, upgrade it energy-wise and improve the hygiene of the atmosphere we enjoy inside our property.

Roof insulation is a process which should be planned plan with caution and care, in order to avoid any mistakes and achieve the ideal result every time. It is, after all, a series of interventions that aim to shield the roof of our building, upgrade it energetically and improve the hygiene of the atmosphere we enjoy inside our property. Consequently, a key question that property owners are asked to answer is what period is considered to be the ideal to carry out insulation work on a roof.

When should I schedule insulation? 

The general rule that also applies in the case of roof insulation is that such work is best completed in the summer. On the one hand, during summer months the weather conditions are better and favor the rapid and unhindered execution of the corresponding works, and on the other hand, in summer the possibility of the existence of trapped moisture in the substrate of the roof is minimized.

At Monodomiki, however, thanks to our many years of experience and presence in the insulation market, we are able to know that the application of insulation materials in periods of particularly high temperatures must definitely be avoided. What we always recommend to our customers to avoid any "side effect" is to complete such work in conditions where the ambient temperature ranges from 5°C to 35°C. At the same time, care should be taken to choose a time when there is no risk of intense and heavy rainfall.

How should I prepare myself? 

Planning however for the completion of insulation on a roof should definitely start in advance. To begin with, you should identify the right professional to undertake the insulation work. At this stage, you should undoubtedly prefer for a company that consists of qualified and experienced staff, such as Monodomiki, so that you also receive corresponding high quality services that meet your specifications. An on-site inspection of your property for your insulation should also be done beforehand.

A professional will be able to thoroughly and in-depth study the specifics of your building in order to suggest both the appropriate method of insulation and the corresponding use of insulating materials. At this stage you should also show great care and diligence as by choosing inappropriate insulating materials you put your property at risk and of course the result of the insulation is not ideal. On the contrary, by always choosing the most reliable and 100% effective insulating materials, such as those recommended by Monodomiki, you are sure to enjoy the best performance. Besides, the wisest thing to do is to avoid poor quality insulating materials, which will surely give up on you early.

At Monodomiki, we can undertake a survey of your property to advise you on the appropriate method of insulation to apply to your roof. At the same time, we carry out a moisture measurement and proper preparation of your roof substrate before proceeding with the insulation, so you can be 100% sure that the necessary preparation has been done and the right time has be chosen to complete the work required.

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