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What would you say if by painting your house, apart from the desired aesthetic effect, you would also save energy and therefore money?

The answer is one and it is called INSULADD! The revolutionary paint additive, which by adding it into the paint we create a high-performance reflective heat barrier.

Ideal for:

  • Interior walls 
  • External walls, with or without thermal thermal insulation.

In brief, the major benefits of using INSULADD:

  • Heat loss from the interior of the building during the winter months is reduced, resulting in less use of heating media.
  • The heat loss from the external environment during the summer months is reduced, as a result the less use of air conditioning.
  • The temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environment and the possibility of mould growth is reduced.
  • More heat in winter and more coolness in summer.
  • Absolutely safe to use, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Improves the fire resistance of materials.
  • Extremely simple to use and is compatible with any paint or sealant.
  • And all this at a low cost!

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If you have a construction, insulation materials or related business, become our new partner NOW to represent the product. 

As an EXCLUSIVE representative & distributor of INSULADD for GREECE - BALKANS & CYPRUS, Monodomiki is next to you, ready to serve & advise you, either with physical presence at our headquarters, 97-99 Galatsiou Avenue, Galatsi or by phone at +30 210 2135564.

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