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LI.SY. (Lightweight System) In this particular construction we have the benefit of placing thermal insulation & waterproofing with the minimum possible weight. It is ideally recommended in cases where due to an existing heavy construction on the roof (concrete slabs, mosaic etc.) the installation of an integrated thermal insulation system must have the minimum possible load. It is also recommended in the case of sloping roofs.

To understand the significant savings benefit achieved by insulating a building (roof and walls), in houses with thermal insulation and especially in new buildings constructed according to the KENAK specifications, less than 3-5 litres of heating oil per square meter per year is required, while older and uninsulated buildings require 25 litres on average. Some buildings even need 60 liters per square meter per year.


What this insulation offers:

It offers you complete protection, winter & summer, from heat, cold and moisture.
In addition, by using our company's innovative method, cool roof system, the overall effect and benefits of the insulated surface can be upgraded. 


Construction stages:

Surface preparation 

  • Very good cleaning of the surface from mortar residues, loose materials of previous coatings, dust and foreign materials. After cleaning, local repairs are made with a resinous repair agent, if necessary. 


Thermal insulation

  • It is recommended to install white EPS 150 expanded polystyrene.
  • Next is the gluing of the thermal insulation boards with cement-based adhesive (absorbent substrates) or polyurethane foam (non-absorbent substrates).
  • After the gluing of the insulating material, a special cement-based adhesive is applied and the reinforcement (glass fibre mesh) is encapsulated at the same time.



  • The surface is coated with primer to create adhesion.
  • Next is the application of two layers (consumption 1.0kg - 1.2kg/m²) with a water-soluble hybrid-based or water-based polyurethane waterproofing material. 


Benefits of the system:

  1. Ultra-lightweight construction with a weight of approximately 10kg/m².
  2. Significantly improved cooling of the residence resulting in much less use of air conditioners and only during peak hours.
  3. Reduction in energy bills by reducing air conditioning and heating needs.
  4. Immediate improvement in indoor comfort in rooms that they are not air-conditioned. 


Infrastructure conditions:

  • Perimeter guardrail of approximately 15-20 cm
  • Solar mirrors to be located 20 cm above the concrete slab
  • Water or oil tanks to be located at least 35-40 cm above the concrete slab.


Cost of labour and materials starts from: 35, 00 €/M2

The cost is directly related to the surface area, the quality of the substrate and the degree of preparation of the substrate.

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