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The roof of a building, in addition to the thermal protection it must provide, must also provide excellent behavior against the passage of moisture.
The lack of thermal insulation creates great stresses on the load-bearing structure of the roof, due to large temperature fluctuations with unpleasant effects such as condensation of water vapour, fungi, etc.
The influx of moisture inside the building has as a direct or indirect result the oxidation and corrosion of the concrete reinforcement, the reduction of the resistance of the structural elements to temperature variations and the unsightly appearance of the internal surfaces of the structure.



Our company, within the framework of the continuous development of materials and insulation systems, combined with the excellent technical training of its staff, provides you with a range of reliable and proven solutions for any problem you may face.

In this section you can find out about the four main types of insulation as you can see below.

See which type of insulation meets your needs, apply the system and start enjoying the benefits of a comfortable and functional home free from heat, cold and hymidity!



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