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Moisture is one of the biggest and most dangerous enemies of construction. The first indications of the presence of moisture are usually perceived by surface damage to ceilings and walls. In reality it has already affected the structural element in great depth and has caused various damages, such as oxidation and corrosion of concrete reinforcement, reduction or elimination of the thermal insulation properties of each material, the growth and maintenance of harmful plant and animal organisms, etc.

In order to propose and implement a suitable waterproofing system, the following parameters must be taken into serious consideration:

1.    The condition of the roof drains (when it rains, does the water run off into the gutters or does it pool Puddle on the surface?)

2.    The use of the surface and the walkability requirements (simple visit or use of the terrace with table and chairs?)

3.    Whether there is a previous insulation and the level of moisture.

4.    The existence of vulnerable spots on the terrace which require special design and implementation of a separate sealant with installation details and special pieces.

5.    The square meters of the surface area in terms of the intensity of contraction stresses that will strain the waterproofing, for the proposal of similar elastomeric systems.

6.    The specific requirements in cases of supporting point load systems, for example solar water heaters, photovoltaics etc.

7.    The condition of the guardrails and any repairs that may be required to avoid the phenomenon of wet bridging, the process where water bypasses the waterproofing layer from lateral structural elements.

8.    The dispotition and cross-section of gutters for proper and smooth water runoff.




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