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The thermal Insulation of pilotis of an apartment building has the effect of avoiding heat loss, where it usually occurs in the first-floor apartments.

As it is known, the direction of heat flow is from the hottest to the coolest because the warm body has more energy where it is transferred to the coldest body of less energy.

Based on this, in case of non-application of a system of thermal insulation of the roof of pilotis, either from expanded or extruded polystyrene and other types of thermal insulation sheets, in addition to the energy losses of the space, the thermal comfort is reduced, the phenomenon of carbonization of structural elements occurs and liquefaction occurs in the floors of the apartments either on the surface in the form of sweat, or internally from their coating.

In fact, although it’s a rare occurrence, in areas with very low temperatures, there is also the phenomenon of rising moisture in the walls of the apartment.

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