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A thermal camera is a device that uses infrared technology to detect and measure the heat emitted by objects. It creates an image based on the temperature of objects. Warmer objects appearing brighter or warmer in the image and cooler objects appearing darker or cooler. They are often used in a variety of applications, including building insulation.

There are many benefits of using thermal cameras for insulation:

  • Identify areas of heat loss: A thermal camera can help identify areas of a building where heat is escaping, such as through poorly insulated walls or windows. This can help us identify areas where additional insulation is needed.


  • Air leak detection: Thermal cameras can detect areas where air is leaking in or out of a building, such as around windows or doors. This enables us to seal these areas for optimal energy efficiency in the building.


  • Identify moisture problems: A thermal camera can also detect areas of moisture, such as water leaks or moisture in walls and ceilings. In this way, we are able to identify and deal with potential water damage problems.


  • Non-invasive inspection: Thermal cameras allow us to inspect a building without disturbance, such as removing structural elements, thus assessing the overall condition of the existing insulation.





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