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If the roof has the required slopes for water runoff, a very good solution with a long life span is the asphalt membranes.
These are divided into several categories depending on their quality.
They are mainly divided into:

  • Plasticized asphaltic membranes (APP) : Asphalt can be made more plastic by adding APP (naughty propylene) type polymers with high resistance to UV radiation and high temperatures.
  • Elastomeric asphaltic membranes (SBS) : Asphalt can be made more elastic by the addition of SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) polymers with high resistance and flexibility at low temperatures and increased durability.

The final coating of an asphaltic membrane can be:

  • polyethylene film or sand
  • Coloured mosaic
  • Metal sheet (aluminium or copper)

For more information about asphaltic membranes click HERE

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