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For the waterproofing of a surface on which we want to maintain the aesthetic effect of the existing construction (ceramic tile, marble, mosaic, etc.), the best solution for long-term water protection is the transparent, coated transparent polyurethane resin MARITRANS of MARIS POLYMERS


MARITRANS advantages:

  • It is not affected by ultraviolet radiation (UV) at all
  • It does not turn yellow
  • Does not chalk on the surface
  • It is not affected by the alkalis of the substrate
  • After aging, it remains transparent and elastic.

With this system we create a sealed glossy surface, ideal for balconies and surfaces with ceramic and other decorative tiles, mosaic, etc. If we do not want a glossy final surface, then a top coat of matt finish can be applied.


Construction stages (in brief):

  • Very good cleaning of mortar residues, mud, soil, loose materials from previous coatings, dust and other foreign and loose materials is done.
  • Local sealing of joints and skirting where required with MARIFLEX PU40 mastic.
  • Coating of the surface to create adhesion with MARITRANS TILE PRIMER primer by MARIS POLYMERS.
  • Τwo layers of MARITRANS transparent polyurethane elastomeric material MARITRANS of MARIS POLYMERS
  • Coating of the surface (optional) with MARITRANS FINISH transparent satin-matte topcoat.


Surfaces that can be applied:

  • Balconies and Verandas
  • Patio
  • Terraces
  • Broken glasses
  • Glass blocks
  • Transparent Plastics (Polycarbonate)
  • Tiles of Karystos
  • Wood and Bamboo


Estimated cost :

materials and application cost starts from 27, 0 €/m²


See the system materials below 

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