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Executive Activity and Experience

Our company operates in the field of insulation and other related projects with extensive experience and a number of private and public projects

Our father's 30 years of experience and our own 20 years of experience in the insulation profession taught us the causes of problems faced by the owner or civil engineer and the technical solutions to solve them.

Quality Certifications

The company, a pioneer in developments in the field of insulation, is constantly informed about new products and actively participates in the seminars implemented by its suppliers.

Our company is a member of PSEM (Panhellenic Association of Insulation Companies) and is among the few companies in the country whose executives hold both the insulation technician certificate through ESYD and through TUV HELLAS.

More specifically we have:

  • INSULATION TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE through DQS HELLAS and the national accreditation system ESYD.
  • INSULATION COMPANY MANAGER CERTIFICATE through DQS HELLAS and the national accreditation system ESYD.
  • TECHNICAL INSULATION CERTIFICATE in special topics of Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency of Buildings through TUV HELLAS certification procedures.
Suggestions and solutions

MONODOMIKI has organized a series of reliable solutions such as:

  • Conventional roof insulation
  • Inverted roof insulation
  • Reflective thermal insulation
  • Conventional thermal insulation methods
  • Integrated sealing systems
  • Systems of sustainable building and bioclimatic design with insulations with heat-insulating lightweight concretes based on expanded polystyrene EPS POLITERM - POLIPLUS series
  • Durable and efficient insulation using nanotechnology
  • Insulating and building materials of high specifications and requirements
Organization and Human Resources

The departments of our company:

  • Sales and Business Development Department
  • Commercial Department
  • Technical Department
  • Secretarial and administrative support
Hardware Infrastructure

The headquarters of the company is located in Galatsi, in a new, modern store, which operates the department of retail sales of products & insulation tools, while its administrative - financial services are also housed.

The company has its own modern equipment, tools and machines, with which it is able to complete even the most demanding project on time, ensuring the quality of the final result.

Our vision

We operate with the following goals:

  • To help you live in a comfortable and functional space, having shielded your building from humidity, heat and cold.
  • Through the continuous training of our executives and workforce, offering reliable solutions to increase our scope of activities, creating new jobs.
  • To succeed in reaching a level where we can, through our professional activity, help our fellow human beings who do not have access to simple daily survival needs.
Why us

We operate based on respect and honesty towards the customer, a principle we have established in all our collaborations so far.

Entrust us with the insulation of your home to avoid defects and repairs that cost money and time.

Here are the reasons why you can trust us.

Many years of experience

Our company was founded in 2001 and is the continuation of a family tradition that begins in the early 1980s with a total experience of more than three decades!

Unparalleled Support and Expertise

Our company, a pioneer in developments in the field of insulation, is constantly updated about the new products and technologies of the sector.

Timeline Consequence

The work schedule is followed faithfully and always in consultation with you.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Over 200 five-star Google My Business reviews!

Incomparable Quality

Through the continuous monitoring of the development of insulation materials and systems, we are able to offer you solutions that are difficult to find elsewhere.

We are at your disposal to book an appointment, get to know each other and talk about anything that interests you.

Dionysis & Stavros Mylonas

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