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If a product is sold online or by other means of distance communication (by telephone, mail) or outside the shop, the consumer has the right to return the product or cancel the service within 4 days. This period is usually called the waiting period or withdrawal period. The consumer does not have to give reasons for his decision.

The 4-day back out period does not apply to all purchases. Some of the exceptions are as follows:

Products that are made to order or are clearly personalized.

Products purchased from a private individual and not from a business/trader

EU law also requires that a minimum two-year guarantee (legal guarantee) must be given to the consumer as protection against defective products or products that do not match their advertised appearance or function.

After-sales obligations/defective products

If the product is found to be defective, or if it does not correspond to the advertised appearance or function, and provided that the legal guarantee is still valid, the guarantee is still valid. 

When can you claim redress?

You can claim redress under the legal guarantee under EU law, if a product:

·         does not correspond to its description

·         has different characteristics from the model advertised or shown to you

·         is unsuitable for the intended purpose, or for which products of this type are generally used for

·         it does not have the quality and performance normally associated with products of this type

·         If you are informed that the product you are about to sell has certain defects in its quality you cannot claim redress in respect of those defects.


What you can claim 

You have the right to claim one of the following at no charge (shipping costs, labour, materials, etc.):

·         repair of the product

·         replacement of the product

·         Price reduction


How to cancel a purchase

You must inform the trader that you want to cancel your purchase. It is not enough to simply return the products. The trader must provide you with a standard withdrawal form with which you can use to inform him about your decision, but you are not obliged to use it. You can inform the trader at the same time as you return the products, for example, by adding a written statement to the products you are returning by post, by sending an email or by filling in an online returns form on the trader's website.

You must return the products within 4 days after you have informed the trader.

Some merchants may not charge you for returning the products. However, they are obliged to tell you in advance (before you place your order) whether you will have to pay if you decide to return your order. If they do not inform you that you have to pay for the return, the trader must cover the costs involved. You do not have to pay any amount that you have not previously been told about.

For bulky products (such as large household products), the trader must give you at least an estimate of the cost of returning them. However, bulky products that you purchased and that were delivered to you immediately must always be received by the trader at their own expense.

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