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Inverted roof insulation with the following stages of construction:

Very good cleaning of the surface from dust and foreign materials. After cleaning, the surface of the slab is coated with an asphalt emulsion. 

1. Calculation of slopes and place of the filling guides (stitches).
2. Laying of foam concrete (cellular concrete), which is produced on site on a self-propelled unit by a specialized crew, weighing 350-400 kg/m³ to create drips.

1. Coating the surface with bituminous varnish.
2. Creation of special pieces of asphaltic membrane and placing them at a depth of approximately 5-7 cm into the gutters.
3. Gluing additional pieces of asphalt membrane to the vertical elements of the roof and gluing the asphalt membrane in such a way as to facilitate unobstructed water runoff.

It is recommended to install extruded polystyrene because the most important criterion for choosing a thermal insulation material on a roof, apart from its thermal performance, is the high resistance in compression 

FINAL passability
1. Laying geotextile, in order the two layers (thermal insulation-industrial flooring) maintain freedom of micromovements due to contraction, without the risk of causing cracks in the asphalt membrane.
2. Laying C16/20 garble concrete which is reinforced by polypropylene fibres and building mesh and grinding the surface with a helicopter. 
3. Creation of 4X4 expansion joints and filling them with special mastic.


  • Unlimited use of the roof and the possibility of installing any machine with safe substrate perforation up to 10cm.
  • High degree of thermal insulation performance (foam concrete & polystyrene).
  • Choose this insulation method in case you intend to place structures such as photovoltaic, solar etc. on the roof.

The main advantage of this type of insulation is to minimize the risk of puncturing the roof waterproofing.

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Insulation - Thermal insulation - Waterproofing

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