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Keep your home warm with thermal insulation



With energy costs skyrocketing, heating this winter is a real "headache" for most households, who are asked to dig deep into their pockets in order to keep their home warm. However, thermal insulation is a highly effective and efficient method of limiting unnecessary expenditures, as it keeps our building warm and adds an extra net of protection, which is so much needed by most structures.

At Monodomiki, we undertake the thermal insulation of your building, offering complete solutions that meet the individual specifications of your home, while at the same time using only certified materials, we offer services that are characterized by durability and quality.

Keep your home warm

Thermal insulation inside a building, shields the roof and walls by limiting heat loss and helping to reduce energy consumption. This is, after all, the main reason why thermal insulation is applied to new buildings, which keeps our home warm and allows us to save significant amounts of money from our monthly family budget. It is enough to consider that in a house that has been insulated, the cost required for its heating ranges from 3 - 5 liters of oil per square meter per year, while in a building without thermal insulation the corresponding cost reaches 25 liters. In some cases (depending on the age and individual characteristics of the building) it can even reach to 60 liters!

At Monodomiki we undertake thermal insulation with polystyrene and thermal insulation with plaster, depending on your needs and the specifications of your building. In any case, however, the result is immediately visible, already from the first month of application, as the oil or electricity bills shrink dramatically. Whether you choose oil or natural gas as your heating medium for the winter, external thermal insulation comes to add a veil of shielding to your building, preventing heat "leakage" and significantly reducing costs.

Ideal for summer too

Of course, thermal insulation not only allows us to keep our home warm, limiting unnecessary heating costs in winter, but it also helps us to create ideal living conditions in summer. Having dealt with the main "wound", which is none other than the heat loss that occurs in the walls, we are able to maintain a cool environment in the summer as well. As a result, the unnecessary and wasteful use of the air conditioner is reduced, as our room stays cool more easily, and thus the electricity bill is noticeably deflated in summer as well. The external thermal insulation is therefore an investment that ensures us a better temperature inside our building in winter and summer, and already from the first month of application the payback begins, especially in the current era when energy costs have multiplied.

At Monodomiki our highly qualified staff can undertake a study of your building to recommend the appropriate external thermal insulation you need, so that you can enjoy a better feeling of heat in the winter and coolness in the summer, significantly reducing the money you spend on heating and cooling.

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