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What is Energy Painting

All those who want to paint their house or their business (internally and externally) choose the colors to be used according to two basic criteria: the aesthetics of the space and the cost of application.

But what would you say if by painting your house, apart from the desired aesthetic effect, you would also achieve energy savings and therefore save money? And you would achieve this without any alteration to the final result, since the exact same colors of your choice would be used and at a cost of just €0.50 to €1.00 per square meter more than you would pay?

To all these the answer is one and it is called INSULADD! The revolutionary paint additive, which by adding it into the paint we create a high-performance reflective heat barrier.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, on walls with or without thermal insulation. Where thermal insulation is present, the application of paint with reflective properties helps and complements the thermal performance of the insulation. In case where there is no thermal insulation it still works by saving energy but without replacing the lack of thermal insulation. A proper and well thought out thermal insulation of a roof or wall is the combination of energy saving in a building. The ideal scenario for ultimate savings and success is the combination of thermal insulation of a building element and painting with paints with reflective properties.

As already mentioned, INSULADD can be added to interior and exterior paints. Let's see how it works in each case separately.


In the case where INSULADD is used internally, a unique thermal barrier is created which prevents the escape and loss of heat from the space through the frozen walls and ceiling. Thus, the rooms and other spaces are and remain warm for longer.

The result of this process is, on the one hand, faster heating of the room and, on the other hand, if the heating function is stopped, the heat remains in the room for longer than before. Also, due to the thermal barrier created, the effect of internal mould due to condensation of water vapour is significantly, if not completely, reduced.


In the case where INSULADD is added to an exterior paint, a corresponding thermal barrier is created which prevents the inflow of heat into the space, so that the interior of the building remains cool for a long time. In this way, the need to use air conditioners is drastically reduced, with the direct result of saving energy and money from public utility bills.

In addition, the high degree of reflection of solar radiation in buildings also helps greatly in reducing the effect of urban heat island. This is because the less heat that is absorbed by the streets and buildings during the day, the less heat is released at night.

Because the country we live in is essentially a warm country, we all understand the significant advantages of this application.

Briefly, the important benefits of using INSULADD:

  • Heat loss from the interior of the building during the winter months is reduced, resulting in less use of means of heating.
  • The heat loss from the external environment during the summer months is reduced, resulting in less use of air conditioning.
  • The temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environment and the possibility of mould growth is reduced.
  • More heat in winter and more coolness in summer.
  • Absolutely safe to use, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Improves the fire resistance of materials.
  • Extremely simple to use and is compatible with any paint or sealant.
  • And all this at a very low cost!

Add INSULADD to the paint of your choice and start enjoying the benefits of a comfortable and functional home while saving energy and money.


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