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Insulating Additive for Paints and Sealants (NASA Technology)  


bag 2,25kg for 23 liter of paint


Price: (Including Taxes)

Price per kilo:57.00€


Recoup your money just by painting!

With 0.70€/m² in addition to the cost of painting the walls of your house, you achieve energy savings!!

The contents of this package can be added to 23 liters of paint for interior or exterior surfaces (eg two 10lt and one 3lt) with which you can paint over 180m² of surfaces.
Therefore, for 128.40€ you upgrade 180m² of surface energy, a cost of just 0.70€/m²!!

Keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by adding INSULADD to any paint or sealant of your choice!

Now NASA technology and innovation direct from the United States of America to your home!


Material Description: INSULADD is a "ceramic microbead" powder that easily mixed with any paint or sealant on the market and turns it into a thermo-reflective barrier.

 It is truly a revolutionary product, the result of NASA research, produced in the USA by INSULADD Environmental Products Ltd

Use it, in the colour of your choice, to by painting inside and outside to create an energy efficient, ecological & "green" building, saving energy from heating (winter) and cooling (summer). 

  • INSULADD is able to act as a barrier and actually block the flow of heat through the masonry or roof and transform the building into an energy efficient building.

  • In addition to heat reflection and energy upgrading, INSULADD, prevents condensation in internal masonry due to the phenomenon of condensation of water vapour and prevents the growth of mould.


Conventional thermal insulation materials (e.g. rock wool, polystyrene, etc.) used as thermal insulation in the walls and on the roofs of buildings, do not prevent heat escape, they only slow it down, whereas INSULADD, thanks to its "ceramic microspheres" technology, reflects heat and actually prevents heat escape - from the inside to the outside (in winter) or from the outside to the inside (in summer). The combination of installing conventional thermal insulation and coating building elements with paint by adding INSULADD can really elevate the effect and benefits of any building insulation system.

See articles and publications from national or world-renowned authorities, such as NASA's "Green Paint" article or NASA's Spinoff article on how the Insuladd additive turns paint into insulation.

Consumption: The original 2.25kg bag of INSULADD (as produced by INSULADD Environmental Products Ltd) can be mixed into 23 litres of paint, 97gr of product is needed for every litre of paint.




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