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3 Secrets for absolute waterproofing

Choosing the right waterproofing system is neither simple nor easy. However, it plays a decisive role. Each building has different requirements and therefore requires special treatment each time.

Waterproofing is a valuable tool that property owners have at their disposal to shield their building against threats such as moisture and mold. In recent years there has been a significant shift towards the energy upgrade of buildings, with waterproofing featuring high on the list of interventions carried out in both old and new construction properties.Choosing the right waterproofing system is neither simple nor easy. However, it plays a decisive role. Each building has different requirements and therefore requires special treatment each time.

We have many years of experience and training in the field of waterproofing and we share with you three secrets that determine the final result of any interventions in a building.



#1 Materials

The secret to achieving the perfect result in the waterproofing of our building is naturally hidden in the raw materials we will choose. It is particularly important to choose sealing materials that are characterized by high durability. Otherwise, our interventions will fall on deaf ears. Moisture and mold will continue to find ways and slowly destroy our property. This is the reason why at Monodomiki we give great importance to the selection of the most reliable raw materials and we trust companies with proven experience and many years of presence in the field of insulation, such as HYPERDESMO® products that offer an excellent sealing and protection solution.



#2 The right method

The alpha and omega for a successful waterproofing is to choose the appropriate waterproofing system from the beginning. When we realize the existence of moisture in our building, it is most likely that the damage has already been done! At the same time, each construction may present certain peculiarities that make a waterproofing method not so effective compared to another. Therefore, we should choose with particular care and attention between waterproofing with asphaltic membrane, with coating, with transparent sealant and with PVC-TPO membrane. By choosing the right waterproofing system every time, we will be able to see the shielding of our property to the maximum extent possible, without leaving any opportunity to go unexploited.



#3 The preparation

The third secret for a perfect waterproofing is proper preparation. After all, waterproofing is not a chore, but an action particularly important for the future of our property and our safety. Before proceeding with the application of a waterproofing system, a thorough inspection of the building should precede. In this way you will identify any problems or other pathogens that may characterize your property. It is possible that some work is required before applying the waterproofing, which will preserve the final result and give you maximum performance. At Monodomiki we know this very well and thus our highly qualified and experienced staff always proceed with a study of each area and propose the appropriate solutions.

Waterproofing can significantly help you upgrade your building energetically, enjoying a better quality of life and safer living conditions, and at Monodomiki we are here to help you achieve the ultimate waterproofing!




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