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Which system will give you the best results in a roof waterproofing project?

With asphalt membrane we achieve a greater thickness of waterproofing compared to coated materials, but with coated materials we achieve a single waterproofing membrane without joints.

But let's take a closer look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems:

Bitumen waterproofing    


  • Large sealing thickness.
  • Long lifespan (a combination of good application and material quality is a basic requirement).
  • Application on lightweight substrates (foam concrete, lightweight concrete, percrete, perlite, etc.).
  • Writing samples is a waterproofing system which has been applied for several decades with numerous projects and applications. 


  • Difficult to apply where there are many vertical elements on the roof (railings, solar bases, etc.)
  • Creating waterproofing membrane with many joints and connections.
  • Substrate transpiration (the use of a vapour diffusion layer and ventilators is necessary).
  • Basic requirement is the existence of slopes on the roof.

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Waterproofing by coating


  • Creation of a single waterproofing membrane (monolithic construction) without joints and connections.
  • High degree of reflection of solar radiation (especially with the addition of INSULADD).
  • Waterproofing of surfaces regardless of the number of vertical elements on them. 
  • Possibility of upgrading the system, even for the installation of table seats (especially in polyurethane systems with the addition of a protective coating).


  • Short duration of effect if the appropriate consumption based on specifications is not applied. 
  • Reduced application possibilities in lightweight concrete (foam concrete, lightweight concrete, perlite concrete, etc.).
  • Ignorance of technical characteristics and quality of results (unfortunately there are people who promise results inversely proportional to the properties of the materials).

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These are some general observations, regarding the selection of the optimal system to apply to a roof waterproofing project.

The condition of the surface and the use of it plays an important role.

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