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The cost of insulation is determined by several factors such as:

  • The type of insulation/thermal insulation you choose.
  • The number of square meters (in large surfaces we can achieve better prices to materials due to big order).
  • The quality of the substrate and the degree of preparation required (there may be previous insulation that may need stripping).
  • The materials to be used (expanded or extruded polystyrene, what weight and thickness of asphaltic membrane will be applied, etc.).

Our company, within the full scope of economical solutions for high quality waterproofing and insulation applications, has developed a network of partnerships with the largest suppliers in our country, in parallel with the continuous training of its technical staff.


The prices of materials and labor (before VAT) in estimated range:

Roof waterproofing with Hyperdesmo from 12,50 €/m2 to 16,00€/m2
-> Upgradeable to Cool Roof: YES

Roof waterproofing with asphaltic membrane  from 13,50 €/m2 to 19,00€/m2
-> Upgradeable to Cool Roof: YES

Conventional Roof Insulation (final layer of asphaltic membrane) from 35,00 €/m2 to 45,00€/m2
-> Upgradeable to Cool Roof: YES

Inverted Roof Insulation (without slope creation) from 45,00 €/m2 to 55,00€/m2
-> Upgradeable to Cool Roof: NO

Inverted Roof Insulation (with slope creation) from 50,00 €/m2 to 65,00 €/m2
-> Upgradeable to Cool Roof: NO

Reflective Roof Insulation (absolute protection from heat and humidity) from 15,00 €/m2 to 19,00€/m2



A variety of factors determine the level at which a system's charge can reach.

Assessing the problem, you are facing is a priority for us. We recommend the best financial solution with the best possible result, which is exclusive for your situation.

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T I P S 

The insulation of your house is a very serious investment and you need treat it accordingly. For a proper result, choose a serious and reliable company, by saving you time and money. 

Unqualified and without substance staff will probably confront you with many unresolved problems and new financial burdens.

Visit the headquarters of each company to get an even more comprehensive view of where to trust your money and the upgrade of your building.

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